5000m Prototype Storage
The prototype is a modified version of the Mini 17". Because of the additional weight
of the large spools, the largest carousel (Maxi 21"), became too unstable.
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Please be aware that the carousels are Patent Pending, and the plans are Copyright protected, and illegal to redistribute, copy, or sell.
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This photo of the protoype carousel has the same overall height and diameter of the Mini 17" - 17" diameter, 24" tall.

One shelf was eliminated and the this allowed for the bottom shelf to store the large spools.

25 larger spools can be fitted on the bottom shelf, with the overall storage of 192 of the smaller spools on the remaining upper 4 shelves. This also still allows for the bobbin storage shelf at the top.

This photo shows the rearrangement and having the larger spools stored on the top shelf. The diameter remains at 17", but the over height is actually a bit shorter because you lose the for the bobbin shelf.

However, since storing the larger spools on the top shelf, you do not lose any shelves, and thus you can store 240 total spools of the 1000m thread spools.
Updated prototype:

3 Shelves - Bottom shelf holds 22 spools, and slotted shelves hold 20 spools for a maxium of 62 spools.

The shelves are spaced at 5-1/2" to allow for the 5" tall spools to fit. Slots remain at 3" wide, which seems to be plenty of space getting out the spools. 

Overall height is approximately 31" to the top with the bobbin holder in place.
There are actually 2 different length of spacers, the long ones measure 4-1/2", but I decided maybe it would be best to have it accomodate the 5" spool, so I cut some addtional 1" spacers. I did this with the prototype because I ran out of the spacer material to just cut new 5-1/2" spacers.
I do not have enough of the larger spools to fully load the carousel, and I am not sure how stable it is fully loaded. If it seems pretty stable fully loaded then another shelf may be loaded to add another 20 spools for a total storage of 82.