Mini Version - 17" dia.  - $165.00 - (see PayPal tab at bottom of page)
Thread Storage Carousel
Capacity of 288 Spools & 90 Bobbins
Overall Dimensions: 17" diameter x 24" tall and weighs approximately 30 lbs.
This is a smaller version of the original Thread Carousel at a smaller price. It also features a removable bobbin storage carousel that holds up to 90 bobbins. It is designed to sit on top of the center post and can rotate for easy access. It also lifts off for easy access and can be placed near your work area.
(Click Here to view the original Thread Storage Carousel)
Each shelf measures 17" OD diameter, 4" smaller than the standard size, and holds 48 spools per shelf, for a total capacity of 288 spools. So it has an overall smaller footprint than the larger carousel for those who have a smaller work area. All of the other spacings for storage are identical as the larger version which have the spacing between dowel spindles 2.0" inches, with a clearance height of 3-1/8". The photos shows the Mini 17 loaded with mini spools (550m). These spools measure approx 1-3/4" base, with a height of 2-1/4". The spacing of 2.0 inches on the dowel pins will allow for any spool with a base of 2.0" inches or less, and maximum height of 3" tall. The height of 3" allows for a 1/8" clearance so the shelves spin easily.
The shelves are made of 1/4" MDF material, the base is solid wood, with 1/2" steel center support rod with 3" spacers between each shelf. The top 5 shelves have a 3" inch wide access slot for reaching in to retrieve and re-position the spools. Each of the upper 5 shelves have 4 steel pin to counterweight the access slot.
Click here to download the Assembly Instructions
(These are the assembly instructions only that are included with the purchase of a completed carousel, and does not include the building plans, or patterns)
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Please be aware that the carousels are Patent Pending, and the plans are Copyright protected, and illegal to redistribute, copy, or sell.
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